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On Having a Baby During your Doctorate in Education

In Motherhood by Happy Mom Guide Staff

Recently, a newly pregnant student in the same Doctorate program I graduated from reached out to my friend Dr. Alexandra Murtaugh. (Alexandra previously shared advice for moms here, here, and here). The student was reaching out for guidance in navigating our program through her pregnancy and with a new baby in tow. Alexandra shared some great words of wisdom with …

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5 Benefits of Being a Working Mom

In Family, Motherhood by Happy Mom Guide Staff

There are challenges that come along with parenting, regardless of whether you stay at home full time, work at home, or work outside the home. And plenty has been written about the challenges that come with being a working mom (here’s a post by Taryn Watts about the challenges of being a working mom, and here’s another by Ashley from …

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A Stylish Working Mom

In Motherhood by Happy Mom Guide Staff1 Comment

My friend Crystal Johnson is a math teacher, a hair stylist, and a working mom, and one of the most pulled-together women I know. Crystal and I taught together for about four years (she teaches math, and I taught social studies and English) until a couple years ago. And she embodies what it means to have a sense of personal …

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Balancing Being a Teacher and Mom

In Family, Motherhood by Natalie DuvallLeave a Comment

Balancing being a teacher and mom can be difficult. My friend and colleague (and unofficial mentor/life-coach throughout my doctoral program), Dr. Natalie Duvall is a teacher and mom, co-owner of a tutoring business, and about a million other things (including a confectioner!). I asked her to share some thoughts with me about how she finds balance as a working mom, …

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Being a Stay at Home Mom is Hard

In Family, Motherhood by Kelli Hrivnak

Getting to stay home with your babies is amazing. But there’s no denying that being a stay at home mom is hard. Today, my amazing sister-in-law, Kelli Hrivnak (of Auptimist) shares part of her story of how she ended up becoming a stay at home mom (when her twins Myla and Damian were born, Kelli went back to work, and …

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Going from Working Mom to Stay at Home Mom

In Motherhood by Cherie Descorbeth

Ed. note: Cherie Descorbeth went from being a working mom to a stay at home mom, and shared that “becoming a stay-at-home mom is almost as life-changing as becoming a mom in the first place.” Like other working moms who decide to become stay at home moms, Cherie transitioned from being a working mom (for almost three years), to becoming …

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An Overview of Pregnancy and the Online Doctorate

In Pregnancy by Happy Mom Guide StaffLeave a Comment

In this country, if you’re in academia, you might meet folks who talk about and treat being pregnant as a debilitating condition. Even though times have changed, and who gets to say #ilooklikeaprofessor has changed, academia is still dominated by men, and/or women who ascribe to some outdated and unfortunate attitudes about sexism, pregnancy, motherhood, and what a woman can do when …

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Should I Get Pregnant While Doing My Doctorate? (How to Decide)

In Motherhood, Pregnancy by Happy Mom Guide Staff

Are you trying to answer the question “Should I Get Pregnant While Doing My Doctorate?” (If you’ve already answered it, and are pregnant during your doctorate, here’s a post about having a baby during your doctorate!). I can’t speak for everyone’s experience, obviously, but I can share my thoughts based on my own experience of being pregnant while pursuing my …