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Why Be a Happy Mom?

In Be Happy, Motherhood, Self-Care by Happy Mom Guide Staff

Have you ever heard the quote, in the end, you’re the only one who can give your kids a happy mom who loves life? It’s actually a variation on a quote from the author Janene Wolsey Baadsgaard, writer of the book Grin & Share It: Raising a Family with a Sense of Humor. In the original quote, it’s phrased in …

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You don’t have to text back right away!

In Be Happy, Self-Care by Punita Rice

Happiness Hack: You don’t have to text people back the second you get a text message. Ever since I became a much, much slower text-responder (motherhood, man), I’ve been thinking about how people tend to assign meaning to the amount of time that passes between their messaging you and your responding. It got me thinking about the ~rules~ around texting …

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Skincare as Self-Care

In Self-Care by Happy Mom Guide StaffLeave a Comment

Since becoming a mom, my definition of self-care has changed. Before kids, self-care could involve entire days (or weekends) devoted to my interests or overall well-being — which might have taken the form of reading books, traveling, shopping, going out, gaming, or any number of fun (if occasionally mindless) activities. But after kids, while free time does still exist (as a …

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Technology and Mindfulness

In Self-Care by Punita Rice

Does the ease and speed of modern technology decrease mindfulness? That is, does it inhibit us from communicating meaningfully and thoughtfully? Back in the day, when we had to write letters to friends who lived far away, or make infrequent long-distance phone calls to family in other countries, we likely put more thought and care into how (and what) we …

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Shopping Recommendations & Suggestions

In Self-Care by Happy Mom Guide Staff

This page is a listing of shopping recommendations and suggestions for items you might want to purchase. Right now, this page includes links to the best baby registry I know of (Amazon Baby Registry, obviously). This page will be constantly updated with other recommendations. This page includes affiliate links. You can read the disclosures and affiliate links policy here. (By …