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Another Baby Book!

In Family, Pregnancy by Happy Mom Guide Staff

Why a new baby book? As previously shared, I put together a new kind of baby book (since the baby books I’d previously come across were not what I was looking for). You can read that original post about the story behind the first baby book I made here. Below is some copy-pasta from the story of that first baby …

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A Good Birth – Processing Childbirth

In Pregnancy by Punita Rice

A few months ago, I visited Daedalus Books (a giant book warehouse, and maybe one of the coolest places in Maryland, that sadly, closed down recently), and came upon a book called “A Good Birth” by Dr. Anne Drapkin Lyerly. It was convenient that I came across this book, because as we were getting ready to welcome our second child, one of the things …

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20 Pregnancy Essentials (Updated!)

In Pregnancy by Happy Mom Guide Staff

We are expecting our second baby this summer! I am in my second trimester (about 4.5 months pregnant) now, and there are definitely some pregnancy essentials must-haves that I’ve needed the past few months that I’d like to share here in case it benefits anyone else. In this post, I’m also including links to some of the aforementioned essentials (they’re …

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An Overview of Pregnancy and the Online Doctorate

In Pregnancy by Punita RiceLeave a Comment

In this country, if you’re in academia, you might meet folks who talk about and treat being pregnant as a debilitating condition. Even though times have changed, and who gets to say #ilooklikeaprofessor has changed, academia is still dominated by men, and/or women who ascribe to some outdated and unfortunate attitudes about sexism, pregnancy, motherhood, and what a woman can do when …

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Should I Get Pregnant While Doing My Doctorate? (How to Decide)

In Motherhood, Pregnancy by Punita Rice

Are you trying to answer the question “Should I Get Pregnant While Doing My Doctorate?” (If you’ve already answered it, and are pregnant during your doctorate, here’s a post about having a baby during your doctorate!). I can’t speak for everyone’s experience, obviously, but I can share my thoughts based on my own experience of being pregnant while pursuing my …