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Happy Mom Guide Gratitude Journals

Gratitude Journal

Available now from Amazon as an ebook of prompts, and as a paperback journal!

100 Days of Gratitude: A Daily Gratitude Journal for Being a Happier & More Positive Mama, by Dr. Punita Rice for Happy Mom Guide, is the best gratitude journal you’ll ever find — 100 days of gratitude prompts, with unlined pages for grateful journaling, daily.

If you prefer, a lined, one-month version of the journal, called Month of Gratitude: A Daily Gratitude Journal for 31 Days to Being a Happier & More Positive Mama is also available.

You can read all about the gratitude journal and the story behind it here.

Happy Mom Guide Baby Books

More Books We Love!

Available now from Amazon in ebook, and paperback!

Toddler Weaning: Deciding to Gradually Wean your Toddler & Making it Happen, by Dr. Punita Rice, is a short, to-the-point book about gradually weaning a breastfeeding toddler. This book is for nursing moms of toddlers who are considering weaning (and may need help deciding if they are ready to stop breastfeeding), or who are ready to wean, but need help planning how to wean gradually.

The book offers a discussion of how to decide to wean (including why you may not want to wean yet), why weaning can be difficult, and the case for weaning gradually.  The book offers a path to making weaning happen over the course of a few months, starting with night weaning, and finishing with fully weaning within 6-8 weeks.

The book is now available in print (paperback) and as an eBook (for Kindle), and can be ordered from Amazon.com. Subscribe to my tinyletter for updates and more information about this, and my other book.

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